A collaborative project to develop a universal framework for encoding and disseminating electronic clinical guidelines

The SAGE project is a collaborative research and development project to develop a standards-based comprehensive technology infrastructure that will enable encoding and dissemination of electronic clinical practice guidelines.

Our objective is to develop technologies with which:

  • Medical experts can author and encode guidelines in a standard, computable format, and
  • Health care organizations throughout the country can deploy those guidelines easily within any standards-conforming clinical information system.

The SAGE infrastructure combines the best available informatics standards with innovative guideline deployment technology to support encoding and dissemination of both simple and complex guidelines - spanning a breadth of clinical domains including acute care, chronic care, and clinical trial protocols.

SAGE guideline deployment technology presents guideline content to clinicians through active, patient-specific recommendations (such as reminders, order sets, care plans) surfaced through functions of the local clinical information system, and integrated into the care workflow.

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