The Immunizations guideline implements the complete breadth of current CDC recommendations for childhood and adult immunizations. It includes scenarios for The Neonate and for Primary Care. It also includes a Population Immunization Surveillance scenario that can survey a large population of patients.

All the details of the encoding in Protégé for Immunizations have been generated as a web page [here].

These three scenarios are just the beginning. This guideline could have several additional scenarios, for example:

  • All patients seeking service in the emergency department or urgent care facility have reminders issued for vaccines.
  • All patients being discharged from the hospital have vaccine requirements reviewed and alerts issued.
  • The home health visitor has automated alerts generated for the scheduled list of patients who are due for vaccinations.
  • The long term care facility is issued automated orders verifying eligibility for overdue vaccinations.

This guideline exemplar uses 628 Criteria in 8 Recommendation Sets with 37 Decision Nodes, 7 Context Nodes, and 58 Action Nodes.

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